5 O’CLOCK COLADA: Vanilla cake with pineapple filling topped with coconut icing, toasted coconut, cherry and a straw

KEY LIME PIE: Vanilla cake with key lime filling topped with key lime buttercream, gram crumbs, and a white fondant flower

PRALINE PEACH: Vanilla cake with peach caramel filling topped with vanilla caramel swirl icing, toasted walnuts, and gummy peach rings

MANGO CHEESECAKE MADNESS: Vanilla cake with mango cream cheese topped with cream cheese icing and crushed granola

BLUEBERRY/LEMON SOUTHERN CHARM: Vanilla cake with blueberry/lemon filling topped with lemon buttercream, strudel, and blueberries

CITRUS SCILE: Vanilla cake topped with orange vanilla swirled butter cream, orange slices and crystal sugar with cinnamon

CHOCOLATE COVERED BANANA: Chocolate cake with banana cream filling topped with banana buttercream and mini chocolate banana chips

CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY PB BOMB: Chocolate cake with raspberry filling topped with peanut butter cream and salted peanuts

DIRTY CHOCOLATE OREO: Chocolate cake with oreo filling topped with vanilla buttercream, crushed oreo, and peanut caramel dip

MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP: Chocolate cake with chocolate Bavarian cream topped with mint buttercream and andes candies

CHOCOLATE TASTY CAKES: Chocolate cake with vanilla marshmallow cream filling with chocolate icing dipped in ganache with white swirl

CHOCOLATE DIPPED CANNOLI: Chocolate cake with cannoli cream and chocolate icing topped with cannoli shells and drizzled ganache.

Revised 3/29/2017

A Sweet Memory