Dessert Bar Menu




Mini Cheesecake

Made with Philadelphia Cream Cheese and completed with raspberry or blueberry preserves or plain

 Mini Fruit Tartlet

Sweet buttery shells filled with a variety of seasonal fruits

Parfait Cup

Layers of fruit, mousse, and buttercream served in a shot glass with a spoon

Flavors: Caramel Apple, Oreo Crunch, Cannoli Crazy, Chocolate Raspberry, Lemon or Key lime Delight and Seasonal flavors

Brownie Bite

Bite size rich chocolate brownies topped with Fudge, Raspberry, Chocolate, Vanilla and Peanut Butter Buttercream

Brownie Bon-Bon

Bite size rich chocolate brownies topped with fudge and dipped in a thin French chocolate shell

 Mini Cupcakes

 A variety of flavors are available (See our Mini Cupcake flavor list)

Cocktail Inspired Cupcakes

Our homemade mini cupcakes infused with top shelf liqueur. (See our Cocktail inspired flavor list)

Gourmet Truffle

Homemade delicious cake dough mixed with buttercream and dipped in thin French chocolate

Mini Cinnamon Sugar Baby Cakes

Vanilla cake rolled in cinnamon sugar served with raspberry sauce

Chocolate Cup

Edible chocolate cup filled with cream cheese, mousse, seasonal fruit completed with vanilla/chocolate buttercream

Mini Chocolate Covered Cannoli

Mini cannoli shell dipped in chocolate sprinkled with cannoli crunch and filled with our homemade cannoli cream


Our delicious buttercream sandwiched between two fresh baked mini cookies and rolled in sprinkles

Flavors: Sugar, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter

Jello Mellow Shots

Fun fruit flavored Jello topped with fresh fruit and buttercream served in a mini shot glass with a spoon


Choice of 4:  6.00 per person

Choice of 5:  7.50 per person

Choice of 6:  9.00 per person

Choice of 7: 10.50 per person

Gluten free desserts are available for a 15% upcharge





Our delicious homemade hand decorated sugar cookies are a delightful additional to any dessert table!!

We have an array of designs to match any theme!!


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UPDATED 10/2016